“Urit” is local lingo for “winding down the day’s work”. At Urit Bar, winding down has leveled up. It has become cosmopolitan. And we do it every day. Because urit happens every day.

People come to Urit Bar for the most compelling of reasons—to unwind from work, immediately after work. Not later in the evening. But starting at 4pm. When urit happens. Managers and their teams arrive in creased work fashion. They chat about unfinished business. They google and text. High-five good jobs. Fist-bump great ideas. And in-between, take a sip, take a bite, and watch the day take a bow. In fact, Urit has a different take on the “happy hour”.

And oh yes, we don’t take reservations—because all great managers need to unwind. So first come, first to unwind.

Urit Bar is at the ground floor of Real Suites. On 27th Street, just off Lacson, “pabaybay”. You won’t miss it. We’re easy to find. And we’re always here, every single day. Starting at 4pm. When Urit Bar happens.